Baby Mafia Raccoons

Breeding x Play 2 Earn

  • Breeding meets P2E - revolutionary concept on Solana
  • Breed 1 Baby Raccoon to get 2 Mafia Bosses for free
  • Use your Mafia Bosses in a P2E Game starting end of January
  • Get the $Mafia Token Airdrop

It all starts with the Raccoon Babies...

Raccoon Babies start off their lives looking cute, but they were born to be Bosses. All 3,333 will be groomed into Raccoon Mafia Bosses, as they head into the streets of the Sandbox to fend for themselves and their families.

Mafia families must earn $Mafia to keep their families alive!

Through the Play 2 Earn game, these families of Raccoon Bosses will take on rivals to collect $Mafia, and earn their rightful place in the Sandbox.

Liqudity Pool

(Locked up for 1 Year)

Baby Holder Aidrop

Online Game Preview

The battle happens in the metaverse

The game will take place on our already purchased land (Parcel -203, -154) in the Sandbox Metaverse. This is a city of Raccoons that only obeys Mob law. Bosses will stop at nothing to protect their heirs and rise to the top of the Raccoon Boss hierarchy.

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Mint 3,333 Baby Mafia Raccoons

3,333 Raccoon Babies will be minted into existence. The Launch will be a stealth drop in January 2022.


7 day token airdrop + Liquidity Pool on Raydium

7 days after mint, Raccoon Baby holders will receive $Mafia Tokens. These tokens will be used to take your babies to the next level, as they are groomed into bosses.


Use Babies to breed Mafia Bosses

Use your airdropped $Mafia Tokens to breed your Raccoon Babies into Mafia Bosses. After breeding a Boss, your Raccoon is ready to take on rival families in the metaverse.


The P2E Game starts!

Your Raccoon Babies have come a long way since infancy. They have been bred in the streets of the Sandbox and are ready to earn $Mafia. Raccoons Mafia Bosses were born into this life - let the games begin!

Any questions?

How many Raccoon Babies will there be?

There will only be 3,333 Raccoon Babies.

Are there any Raccoon Babies that are rarer than others?

Yes. Raccoon Babies have attributes and characteristics that are indicative of their rarity.

Will you need 2 Babies to receive tokens?

No, you will only need one.

Does it cost money to turn Raccoon Babies into Mafia Bosses?

No, you can breed Raccoon Babies into Mafia Bosses for free through the $Mafia Token

What day is the mint?

The mint will be a stealth launch in January 2022.